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Pasture toxicities and Disorders in Animals

‘Clover disease’ in Ewes Causes Phyto-oestrogens are naturally present in many varieties of  sub and red clover, these mimic the activity of endogenous oestrogens in mammals isoflavones in clovers (coumestans in medics) formononetin ,...

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Emergency Animal Diseases

  Common signs of a sick animal: Not eating Weight loss Reduced production Sores or ulcers Excessive drooling or salivation from the mouth Diarrhoea – especially if there is blood Large amounts of discharge from the...

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Simple, low-cost biosecurity practices

– FARM INPUTS – Stock: Monitor your stock – keep a record of their health Inspect closely for signs of disease Separate any sick or suspect animals Contact your veterinarian or Local Land Services – if...